HVAC/R is about more than just maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. It’s about maintaining it cost-effectively across a wide variety of interior climates. In summer, heat loads move from East to West with the sun, while in winter the North side never warms passively.

At Fraser Engineering, we’re expert at designing and installing systems maintain comfortable average temperatures throughout the building. But more importantly, we’re also really good at the tweaks and fine-tuning it takes to eliminate hot and cold spots.

What we do:

  • VAV & constant volume HVAC Systems
  • Total hydronic heating systems
  • Computer room cooling
  • Centrifugal, reciprocating, air cooler chiller Ice bank chiller
  • Process cooling & heating Industrial & commercial cooling tower
  • Laboratory & clean room HVAC, ventilation & exhaust systems
  • Laboratory hood exhaust & make up air systems
  • Refrigeration Piping Systems


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