The ever-increasing cost of energy, and simultaneous push for environmental sustainability have joined forces to create new opportunities. Fraser Engineering can help you take advantage of them – and lower your operating costs while you help the planet.


Running a large facility or campus? You may see significant savings with a thorough review and retrofit of existing mechanical and electrical systems. We’ll inspect every detail and recommend changes with the largest impact. Then, once a plan has been decided on, we can implement the upgrades with minimal disruption to your business. Is it worthwhile? We’d say so. A recent contract resulted in savings of about $1,000,000/yr for the customer.


Manufacturers and certain businesses, such as assisted living facilities, frequently have a significant need for electricity and some form of heat – usually hot water or steam. Rather than purchasing one to create the other, you may save money by installing a gas-fired turbine or reciprocating system that creates both. We’ve installed them of almost every size, from 60KW on up to 8MW. And in every case, the savings have been substantial.


Garbage is an inescapable part of modern life. But now, at least, the methane created in landfills can be put to use. We’ve built several systems that capture, clean and burn the potent greenhouse gas to create electricity. Enough, in fact, to power thousands of homes. And prove the old saying true: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let us review your site for an opinion on its power-generating capabilities.


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