HVAC Preventative Maintenance is Not a Luxury

HVAC systems are the life-blood of any building, and when a malfunction occurs it affects all of the occupants.  Imagine you work within a large office building that has poor ventilation. The lack of air movement, or exchange, can cause “stale air” which in turn allows germs to move freely around the space, potentially causing an unpleasant or even unhealthy environment.  Likewise, let’s say you arrive to work on a blustery winter morning and your office feels more like a walk-in refrigerator than a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

If your building had a proper preventative maintenance program a service technician wouldHVAC_Service_Technician_Working have discovered in the first scenario that the unit had a plugged filter or a fan motor that is not working properly, thus causing the poor air circulation throughout the space.  In the second case, a clogged fuel nozzle or bad gas valve would be a likely culprit.

A well maintained HVAC system will not only improve air quality and climate comfort, but it also ensures that everything is running at peak efficiency. This makes the cost of a preventative maintenance program far outweigh the cost of untimely repairs or equipment replacement. 

With a HVAC preventative maintenance program in place, the technician can assess (often utilizing a checklist) the operation of the unit(s) and then give a detailed report of how well they are functioning. If something does need to be repaired, they can then give a price quote before an entire unit or one of its major components fails – which minimizes the need forBoiler_Burner_Maintenance_ “emergency” repair calls. 

When evaluating the preventative maintenance program for you company’s facility – make sure that the mechanical service contracting company in question has the proper background and thorough knowledge of the specific type of equipment included in the program.  A good preventative maintenance program is only as good as the service technicians performing the work.

Proper preventative maintenance programs are specifically designed to minimize breakdowns, maintain peak efficiency and ultimately extend the life cycle of your equipment; which in the long run can significantly reduce costs.


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