Pipeline Pigs (Types and Functions)

Inspecting, cleaning or changing the product in a pipeline would be exceedingly difficult without a device knows as a pipeline pig, especially if the task needs to be done without stopping the flow.  Pipeline pigs are capsule shaped objects which travel through the pipeline to perform the specific function(s) for which they were created.  Although … Continued

The Challenge of Working in a Cleanroom Environment

Typically used in manufacturing or scientific research where small particles can adversely affect the processes, a cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors.  Cleanrooms maintain particulate-free air through the use of either High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) or Ultra-Low Penetration … Continued

Effective Low-Cost Water Treatment for Process Systems with Ultraviolet Technology

Ultraviolet (UV) technology is an effective, low-cost alternative to chlorine for water treatment purposes. Common uses for UV technology in water treatment include: Disinfection Total Organic Carbon/Total Oxidizable Carbon (TOC) Reduction Chlorine/Chloramines Destruction Ozone Destruction How UV works Ultraviolet (UV) rays fall between x-rays and visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum, making them invisible to the human … Continued

Consistent Precision for Cleanroom Components with Orbital Welding

Welding is a method of repairing or creating metal structures by joining pieces through various fusion processes. Welding technology has been around since man began manipulating metals, and the earliest evidence of welding can be traced back to gold boxes made in the Bronze Age.  The technology has remained essentially the same until the 19th … Continued

The Benefits of Weir-Type Diaphragm Valves

Fluid and gas systems that process specialty chemicals, especially in regulated markets such as biopharmaceuticals, must be designed to the most stringent of standards. Engineers and piping designers are constantly verifying component compatibly within a given system, including diaphragm valves (or membrane valves) which are a major component in any clean (hygienic) fluid system. The … Continued