At Fraser Engineering, we’re pleased to point out that safety isn’t at odds with quality or speed. In fact, it’s an important element of both. By ensuring our jobsites are safe, we guarantee the work is the only thing on our tradesmen’s minds. By eliminating the substandard work that comes from taking risks, we remove the need for rework.

Our commitment to safety flows from the top down. Not only is our Safety Director an OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer, she’s also a Fraser – so you know we take it seriously.

Every one of us is 10-hour OSHA trained and has completed 30 Hour OSHA PM/FM. We undergo annual safety training, with recent certification in Scaffold, Confined Space, Fall Protection and HazCom. We also employ Job Site Inspections and Daily Job Safety Analysis to ensure every contract meets our strict safety standards.

At Fraser Engineering, we’re all committed to our safety goals. Each of us has a personal and corporate pact to enforce safe working conditions and follow company safety requirements. That’s why our mantra is:

  • Shut down work if it is not safe.
  • Ask others if you don’t know the correct method for performing a task.
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures – NO EXCEPTIONS – Report all incidents, near misses, accidents and injuries immediately.
  • Evaluate and correct – stop unsafe actions of others.  We are a team and are accountable.
  • Think safety before you start a task, think of the dangers and eliminate them.
  • You should never put yourself or others in a an unsafe situation.